My name is Igor Souza …

I am Software Engineer with over nine years’ experience in java development.
I’ve worked in various sectors with the Java platform and I have experience with several frameworks. Already worked as Systems Analyst, Developer, Java J2EE designer, technical lead and Scrum Master. The last four years I have worked in a web-based big data application that simplifies the analysis of large data sets called “Red Sqirl”. Brazilian Geek who likes to play with Android and Arduino in my free time. Sepultura Fan and Hockey Player.

Based in Dublin

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/igor-souza-05400424
Github – https://github.com/igfasouza

More about Red Sqirl – http://www.redsqirl.com/

You can found me in all social networks by; igfasouza

My hobbies are:
Play Guitar;
Inline skate – Hockey ;

My interest areas are:
Software Architecture;
Information Retrieval;
Social Networks;
Business Model;
Digital Marketing;

1 thought on “About

  1. Simon Cocking

    Good to find your blog & see you at the blog awards, good luck with it all, cheers Simon!


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