You Are What You Read

Story Horse?

I like to join and be part of fill Groups, Meetups and Hackathons, mainly technologies ones.
When I arrived in this country, I had the opportunity to start or help to start the It in Dublin, that is a group to IT Brazilian who lives in Dublin.

I found this Blog post a few months ago and I share this in the group.
This maybe changed how few others thinking about.

One of this mind changes decided to create one code event: “codeAcademy : Knights of the old republic” codeAcademy

I’ve been always that kind of person, which likes to learn practising. So in order to get more knowledge on I decide to join and learn coding with fun.

you can read the summary: here

Dublin/Ireland it’s a awesome place for who works as a developer. why?

The idea of “Write Code Every Day” may not change me in the first time, but now I think that I realise how this is important and how I like to do.

Thanks a lot to @AndresGrams and @le_jucas which spent this weekend with me.
I would like to join other code events like this and I really happy that somehow one simple post changed a community mindset or at least few ones there.

Hope le this was the first step …


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