New Year’s resolution Hackathon

What’s the story, lads?

Today happened the GDG Dublin – New Year’s resolution Hackathon at Google.
If you don’t know what GDG is, please check here: GDG

GDG Dublin

This event consisted in kicking off 2014 with an event to motivate developers to take up a new skill and it was based on four topics:

– Get started with Dart

– Convert my Web Site to use AngularJS

– Deploy an app on Google Cloud Platafor

– Publish an Android App on Google Play

I chose AngularJS and created a basic app “Hello World”.

Follow the code:

It is a simple example to show how to get the return from rest in the javascript.

This event made me think about my resolutions for this year.
I intend to improve my knowlodge of C and learn Python.
And what about you? What are yours resolutions for this year?

What are the trends for this year? Would be…
Java death;
Proliferation of API Javascript;
SNA and BIG Data;

GDG Dublin

GDG Dublin


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