Only makes mistakes who tries something

Hey, you!
To celebrate the End of the year or Beginning of the year … hehehe!!!
Nothing better than a motivational post!

“Connections are what moves our lives”

Every time that i fall into my comfort zone, is the time that i need to leave. It’s means that i can do much more.

There is “no linear path to success.” Life is like a gam of Pac-Man. You start with a tangible goal and reach for it while avoiding the obstacles and “ghosts” (people who don’t believe in you) that come your way. The connections you make are what get you from one point to another.

Once you define your goals, there’s a little rule, a little secret. Whether it rains or whether he sun comes out, whether you are in a good mood, or in a bad mood, whether you have luck on your side, or bad luck, but every single day, take another step toward your goal.

Every single day do something that will get you closer to your goal.


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