Hello World! Blog WordPress

My name is Igor Souza …

I’ve been thinking a about creating a blog for some time, and today I finally Get up the courage to start something.

If a busy guy like Brendan Eich´s keeps a blog, why I can not have mine too?

The idea of this blog is something more personal, my point of view on a particular subject and something portfolio-style.
This blog is devoted to the community Nerd or Geek, for those who like IT and coffee, and containing random thoughts and opinions on things that interest me.

I’m gonna write about cool stuff I’ve worked on like, code, big data, Software Architecture , process, random picks at development or anything else and share nice hacks I’ve done or found.

I’ll try to post something once a week or more.

Hope it’s gonna be somewhat useful for someone else than me.

As far as possible I will try to enhance and improve my English. I’m not native English speaker. Sorry about that!

My interest areas are:
Software architecture;
Information retrieval;
Social Networks;
Business Model;
Digital Marketing;



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